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At Osa Canopy Tour we are very happy to implement a sustainable culture in our company and community through the following practices:

We are part of the solid waste collection programs of our Municipality.


We support in a direct way the Association of Friends of National Parks, and Corcovado Foundation both are  institutions dedicated to the conservation and sustainable development of our Parks.

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                             Our Tourism Sustainability Policies are summarized in the following aspects:        

Our Mission:
To offer the best adventure tour service to our clients, satisfying the needs of recreation and entertainment with a tour of excellent service and good price.                                                              

  • We are committed to the protection of our Costa Rican children, we denounce any abuse against the children of our country.
  • codigo conductaRecall that in Costa Rica is prohibited by Law # 9028 smoking in public places, that is why smoking is not allowed in our facilities.
  • Garbage is not allowed in surrounding areas, please use labeled garbage cans located in our offices.
  • We are committed to protecting our forests, water and biodiversity both in our community and in the national parks and protected areas of our country. Therefore, the extraction of plants and the feeding of animals from our forests is prohibited.
  • The conservation of our flora and fauna is one of our greatest interests, that is why we denounce the illegal hunting of animals.
  • We know that the integral health of the people is indispensable for a healthy life, that is why we support the sport and cultural activities in our community.

Let’s work together for a better World!

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