An experience in the heart of the rainforest, like no other! The rush of adrenaline is usually what brings you the first time, but it’s that sense of connection that’ll keep you coming back. Take a look below at your options and what you can expect to find on your tour with us.

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You’ll love our new 1.1km cable!

All together you’ll zip 7 different cables (ranging from 200m long to 1.1km), move between 13 platforms, get lowered down 3 rappels, and challenge your balance on 2 hanging bridges.

Touring through pristine primary rainforests will give you a whole new appreciation for the southern zone of Costa Rica. It’s inevitable that you’ll get to see a variety of the native wildlife, including things like monkeys (howlers, white-faced capuchins, spider monkeys and squirrel monkeys), sloths, a variety of birds, native stingless bees, frogs and everything in between.

Take a glimpse of the experience that awaits you:

We’re pretty confident you’ll have an incredible time with us on the zipline tour – but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our guests are saying:


So I was one of the people who was scared to death to do this! The staff was so kind and helped me so I could check this off my bucket list and feel like a Rockstar! This tour is a one of a kind and there is no other company I would recommend! Family owned and 13 years of bringing this epic adventure to people from all over the world!


Went as a group of 8 yesterday. They drove us up the mountain. 7 insane platforms. All four of our guides were nice, professional and had a great sense of humor for those of us that were a bit nervous. They spoke perfect English and gave detailed instructions on every platform. Informed us of views to check out along the way. I highly recommend this tour. My 10 yr old daughter LOVED it!


This was an amazing experience. I was scared at first because I have never been zip lining before but the gentlemen who took us made me feel very comfortable and safe. I highly highly recommend this company for zip lining in Costa Rica! I will definitely be back and go with them again. I absolutely loved the experience and I am so thankful that these were the people who took us on the tour. My friends also felt the same and enjoyed it very much. Thank you so much Osa Canopy Tour! Muchas gracias!!


This was an unbelievable experience! The views were breathtaking. The zip lines were long, fast and most importantly safe. The staff was fun, courteous, and professional. They made us feel welcome and eased apprehensions of the first time zip liners in our group. They’re very accommodating to different ages and comforts of multiple groups. I’d strongly recommend this tour for anyone near the area. I’d definitely book this in advance for any size group.


FUN, FUN, FUN! My family-including my mother thoroughly enjoyed this canopy tour. My mom was very nervous about zipling, not fond of heights, and almost considered backing out-however the staff were amazing. They were very attentive to her, made her feel safe, were reassuring and positive and provided us all with an adrenaline pumping afternoon. My mom said she was so glad she did it-and now regrets not doing the Tarzan swing. I would highly recommend Osa Canopy Tour and hope you have the guides we did-it truly made the experience fantastic.


As much as we want everyone to be able to enjoy this experience, for safety reasons we do have some restrictions on who can join us. People with the following conditions are not able to participate in the tour:

  • Recent surgeries
  • Heart and lung problems
  • Phobia of the heights
  • Unpredictable vertigo
  • Unmanaged High blood pressure
  • Pregnancy

We also have a maximum weight limit for participation. The limit is 230 pounds (105kg).

*All health conditions must be made know to our staff before participation of the activity for your safety*


osa canopy tour map screenshot
The main office for the Osa Canopy Tour is located on the Costanera Highway at km marker 196. To get there from Uvita, travel 35 minutes south. From Palmar Sur, travel 15 minutes north just past Puerto Cortés in Costa Rica.

Once you are at the Osa Canopy Tour office following Google Maps, you will board a vehicle which will take you to the beginning of the tour. This is a private reserve which consists of 323 hectares (about 800 acres) of primary rainforest. Once you reach the starting point, you will be about 600 meters (2000 ft) above the Terraba River where it flows into the Pacific Ocean.